The Brain Frequency™ system is a ground-breaking therapeutic approach to treating and improving cognitive function, mental health, and neurological disorders. 


Brain Frequency™ has developed an evolutionary software that does three things: 

First: Using EEG data, it analyzes brain waves and produces a brain map identifying current and optimal frequencies in 19 areas of the brain.

Second: Based on this brain map, it will identify various possible mental health, neurological, and/or cognitive diagnoses for the provider to consider.

Third: Considering the brain map and suggested diagnoses, the software immediately presents the provider with a recommended treatment plan using the Brain Frequency™ personalized protocols, ready for approval from the provider.



TMS has been around for decades. Brain Frequency™ is not TMS, however Brain Frequency™ uses magnetic stimulation. We will begin conducting clinical trials in Spring 2022.


This software predicts disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD and neurological disorders such as TBI/concussion, tinnitus, and early on-set dementia. Once a qEEG is administered, the software will report predictive diagnosis along with the patient reported assessment for confirmation of the diagnosis.

Treatments are also non-painful and non-invasive. Over a 30-minute period, magnetic stimulation is
applied to several different areas of the brain using FDA approved TMS machinery. The treatments
are done once to twice daily, 7 days a week for the best results. These treatments are done in sets
of 10, with an EEG following each set to track progress and adjust treatment protocols as necessary.
Treatment protocols are determined by the Brain Frequency System. The Provider approval takes just
a few minutes! There have been no reported significant side effects from Brain Frequency™ treatment besides occasional fatigue following initial treatments.

Brain Frequency™ uses CGX 10.20 EEG cap. The caps are FDA approved. They measure neurological functional in 19 different areas of the brain. An EEG recording only takes 4 minutes and is non-painful and non-invasive. This step is integral to the Brain Frequency™ treatment experience. This EEG is what creates the roadmap to the individualized treatment protocol, no two brains are alike.

Magventure – FDA Approved.

System configuration includes the following products:


“Improve mental health & cognitive function”
Using science and technology, Brain Frequency™ is focused on helping the globe heal from the damage to the brain, whether organic or induced, so that people are not reliant on medications and can live a better life. Brain Frequency™ offers a non-painful and non-invasive treatment to restore balance to all areas of the brain to reduce negative cognitive and neurological symptomology.


The Brain Frequency™ system is a ground-breaking therapeutic approach to treating and improving cognitive function, mental health, and neurological disorders.

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