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Our team of naturopaths and acupuncturists at bVital Park City provide patients with solutions to stop, slow, and reverse symptoms of brain diseases. 

Meet the Team

bVital Park City is Internationally known for successfully treating chronic illness as well as helping patients reach longevity and optimal health. The team at bVital combine Chinese, naturopathic and regenerative medicine to provide cutting edge solutions.

Dr. Greg Eckel


DR. Paula Marchionda


Dr. Jonathan Nadal


Dr. Janel Ludenia


Kitty Stoneburner


Ginette Speed


Appointment Information

bVital Wellness Park City is currently accepting new patients.
Clinic hours: 9 am-5 pm; Monday through Friday.


Call the clinic to schedule an appointment. Note that initial visits at bVital Park City are in person, but some may be over the phone or zoom. All follow-up visits can be conducted by phone or virtually, using our secure video channel.


bVital Wellness doesn’t take walk-ins at the moment. We would like to highlight our book a call – to see if you qualify for our care. Our team is looking for folks that are ready to make a change in their health and longevity.


There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all appointments with a bVital Park City doctor, health coach, or team member. Canceling within 24-hours will result in a $60 charge to the credit card on file. No-shows: If you do not show up to a phone, video/telemedicine, or in-person appointment without notifying the front desk, $60 will be charged to the card on file.

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If you suffer from Parkinson’s, Dementia, an Autoimmune Disease, a Digestive Disorder or Fatigue, Dr. Greg Eckel and his team are ready to stand by you until you find a solution.

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Dr. Greg Eckel


Dr. Greg Eckel has been living in the Portland area since 1992. Dr. Eckel became increasingly aware of and concerned about the overuse of medications with children while teaching preschool, and this experience inspired his entry into Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine.

In 2001 he co-founded his first clinic in Portland Oregon, Nature Cures Clinic which is still open today. The combination of Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and botanical medicine) has provided Dr. Eckel with a variety of tools to treat both acute and chronic illness while valuing the principles of prevention and wellness.

Dr. Paula Marchionda


Dr. Marchionda focuses on providing care for the whole person by addressing the root cause of illness. She is passionate about supporting our bodies to heal themselves.

While double board certified in Integrative and Preventive Medicine she is also an expert in cancer survivorship, wellness, and functional and regenerative medicine. She continues to pursue advanced training and believes in life-long learning. In addition, she is an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist and provides Acudetox ear acupuncture in the clinic. Dr. Marchionda is also a 16+ year breast cancer survivor, which explains her enthusiasm for the care of cancer patients’ and survivors’.

Board Certifications:

  • Preventive Medicine, from the American Board of Preventive Medicine
  • Integrative Medicine, from the American Board of Integrative Medicine

Education & Training:

  • Integrative Medicine Fellowship: University of Arizona, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Preventive Medicine Residency & Master’s of Public Health: University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, Colorado School of Public Health
  • Medical School: University of Arizona, College of Medicine
  • Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, University of New Mexico, College of Nursing

Additional Training and Memberships

  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians
  • American Academy of Preventive Medicine

Dr. Marchionda has worked with healers from many different traditions and modalities over several decades and does not align with any particular tradition or call herself by any traditional title other than physician and healer, striving to stay true to the original meanings.

Dr. Jonathan Nadal



Jonathan Nadal earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters in Science of Oriental Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine. This was a concurrent six-year program that included three years of internship at the NUNM main clinic and community clinics throughout Portland.

Dr. Nadal has advanced training in functional medicine and regenerative medicine. He completed a one-year mentorship in 5-Element acupuncture and biotherapeutic drainage. He spent several rotations in an interdisciplinary clinic with counselors from Pacific University which focused on a variety of mental health conditions; along with treating under-served populations in downtown Portland.

Jonathan was born and raised in Miami, FL where the sunshine and ocean left a lifelong love for being immersed in nature. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Florida International University, where he placed emphasis in applied behavior analysis and industrial and organizational psychology. When he is not practicing medicine, you can find Jonathan behind his drum set playing in local Portland bands.

Dr. Janel Ludenia



Dr. Janel Ludenia is a licensed naturopathic physician and a licensed occupational therapist. She obtained a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Before attending medical school, she received a Master of Occupational Therapy from the University of North Dakota. She worked for 10+ years in geriatric rehabilitation and home health, specializing in Alzheimer’s/dementia, Parkinson’s disease/neurodegenerative conditions, post-stroke rehabilitation, and orthopedic conditions. Following medical school, she continued her studies in shamanic, energetic, and earth-based traditions to gain an even deeper awareness and understanding of healing as a whole; mind, body, spirit, and soul. She supports her patients through the aging process to achieve optimal healing and the highest quality of life throughout their years.

Kitty stoneburner


Kitty is a Homeopath, a sound and energy healer and a
spiritual life coach. She has been in the bioenergetics
field for over 25yrs and uses her keen intuition and
training to guide each person on their healing journey.

She believes that everyone has the innate ability to heal
themselves. If a person is experiencing dis-ease, the
body and energetic field is out of balance. Kitty uses
frequency medicine, breathing techniques and intention
to help the body and energy field to come back into
balance. Everything is energy, the higher one can raise
and keep their vibration, the more quickly one can heal
and thrive.